Or ASP skus: `new PlanSkuArgs { Size="0", Tier = "...
# azure
Or ASP skus:
new PlanSkuArgs { Size="0", Tier = "S" }
results in
The parameter SKU.Name has an invalid value
. Why tell me that the name is wrong, when I didn't provide a name? Why is nothing telling me what values are allowed? Is the Azure provider just in its early days. I think Pulumi is a great idea and I have more experimentation to do, but I wish I was falling into the pit of success. 😞
I agree, the error here isn't very helpful. We have some worked planned to improve this. For the time being, have you had the chance to look at our API docs? There's a few examples of specifying
here: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/pkg/azure/appservice/plan/
Thanks. I'll keep that around for future issues.