08/27/2020, 11:04 AM
I've once logged in with user A against aks, and now when I run my
pulumi up
after doing a
az login
and selecting user B it still complains that user A doesn't have in the kubernetes I'm trying to set up. Do I need to authenticate with kubectl somehow?
I mean, how can I even authenticate with kubectl if part of the project is to set up the cluster. I'm not even sure why it seems to be using the cluster config I have stored, I thought it would use something generated while creating the cluster.


08/27/2020, 10:11 PM
Can you provide a bit more detail? When you say "logged in with user A against aks", what command are you running to login and then what command are you running to connect to aks? In general, if you're using the Pulumi Kubernetes provider to provision k8s resources, you need to provide the kubeconfig for Pulumi to use. This can come from a
environment variable or
Pulumi config value.