Hi All, another question, is it possibly to use Pu...
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Hi All, another question, is it possibly to use Pulumi to access multiple subscriptions within a single project? I have multiple Azure subscriptions within the same tenant and would like to be able to read secrets from a Key Vault in one subscription while deploying resources in another. I am logged in to the Azure CLI with an account that has access to both subscriptions though I have set the active subscription to be the one I am deploying resources in to. At the moment I am getting 404 errors when I try to use Pulumi.Azure.KeyVault.GetSecret to read a secret from a key vault in the other subscription. I'm not sure if this just isn't supported or if I am simply doing something wrong...?
So, you should declare an explicit provider with a different subscription ID and use it for resources in that subscription
Awesome, I'll give it a shot
Worked well, thanks for the solution