So... given that there's a next gen Azure provider...
# azure
So... given that there's a next gen Azure provider is it possible we might get a next gen AzureAD provider - currently have problems needs that exceed the scope of the current provider 😞 (And, for what its worth, the scope of the azure cli...)
Are you volunteering on making one? 😉
I wish, that might be fun... I wouldn't want to commit to the hours outside of work and I can't in work - at least not the extent needed (and right now the more I look at this the more confused I get around what and how)
Hmm, actually its worse than that - this looks suspiciously like it may (now) need to be addressed via the Microsoft Graph (or that at least some of it does). That's not necessarily bad in and of itself but the graph extends some distance beyond the scope of Pulumi which creates further challenges 😞