Hello everyone. Looks like there's some API chang...
# azure
Hello everyone. Looks like there's some API changes in the CosmosDB SqlContainers. I have a resource created that has the following id:
But if I do an
az cosmos sql container list
, now this resource have the following ID:
Because if this, I have the following error when trying to do a `pulumi up`:
ID was missing the 'sqlDatabases' element
Is there any way of fixing it? Maybe deleting from the state and re-importing it?
How did you get to this problem? Have you switched to a new API version?
I believe you would need to remove this resource from your state with
pulumi state delete
and then import it with
I've created this CosmosDB resource some months ago, with an old
version. Started having this problem this week, when I tried to change the TTL config of this resource.