Anyone that has successfully configured APIM with ...
# azure
Anyone that has successfully configured APIM with openapi and also a good setup to keep APIM up to the when the underlying openapi spec changes. I currently want to have 2 APIs in APIM that is based on the same openapi spec. I get it working some times, but not all the time which is pretty annoying. I have given my APIs in APIM unique names, but for some reason it picks the name that is defined in the openapi spec for some reason, and then it gets some kind of conflict. The message I get looks something like:
Original Error: Code="ValidationError" Message="One or more fields contain incorrect values:" Details=[{"code":"ValidationError","message":"API with specified name '<name from openapi spec>' already exists","target":"name"}]
what is the recommended way to update the API in APIM if the underlying openapi spec has changed? A changed there doesn't require a change in the url to the spec, which means that the API in APIM might not be updated and showing old operations.