Hi all Im new here, but been getting used to pulum...
# azure
Hi all Im new here, but been getting used to pulumi, and I do actually like it, however I am currently experiencing an issue with latest:listStorageAccountKeys where i get a 404, anyone have an ideer what to look for and what might actually be wrong ?
try this:
import { listStorageAccountKeys } from "@pulumi/azure-nextgen/storage/v20190601/";
selecting/finding the correct version is the key… Most resources have the latest version published on the documentation page, e.g. https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/pkg/azure-nextgen/storage/blobcontainer/ - but
does not ah, just noticed, you probably don’t use TS - anyway the version you should try is:
Hi Robin. You are likely calling it before the storage account is created. Which language are you using?
I am using c#, however it actually seems to be a permission issue, because in a different RG it works