Im looking at configuring an Azure FQDN for the ku...
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Im looking at configuring an Azure FQDN for the kubernetes ingress. Something along those lines The question is, how can this be achieved using Pulumi? I need to retrieve the ingress IP somehow. And then update it and set the
dns name
. TL DR: How do I look up an existing k8s Service (LoadBalancer) created via a helm chart (ingress controller)?
Did you find an answer to this @red-lighter-44012? I've been away from Slack for a few days. We do stuff like this a lot, but the ingress controller is not necessarily created via a chart, so I'd have to look at that part.
Hey @ancient-megabyte-79588 yeah I got it working. At the end it mostly came down to outdated documentation and more specifically - deprecated helm chart used in the MSDN docs. And the new version of the Traefik Helm chart uses hooks, which are not supported by pulumi.
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helm repo add traefik <>
helm repo update

# create a controller for ingress with class = 'traefik-public'
helm install traefik-ingress traefik/traefik `
    --values ./values.yaml `
    --set service.spec.loadBalancerIP=$LOAD_BALANCER_IP `
only contains the following
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  enabled: true

      enabled: true
Dont ask me what
publishedService.enabled: true
does, the docs are very vague and I remember seeing this somewhere on github in a comment.