02/07/2021, 2:14 PM
Hi @prehistoric-nail-50687 The provider itself is open source but the code generation behind it is not What component are you specifically referring to?


02/07/2021, 3:51 PM
@broad-dog-22463 yes, I do understand, but the point is, that the community has no chance to contribute to any issues or functionality. The reason I got aware of it, was on this issue: I asked @tall-librarian-49374 if he could also link the commit/PR which implements the feature. This would help anyone to get more insides about the implementation and path/ease the way to contributions.


02/07/2021, 6:41 PM
FWIW, external contributions to codegen in other open-source providers have been very limited, to put it mildly.


02/09/2021, 6:59 PM
Some potential reasons for the lack of contributions a) Devs don't know Go, b) Devs don't know/understand how to get started, c) codegen isn't exactly an easy thing to jump into and d) documentation is lacking. I have thought multiple times about wanting to contribute something and then reminded myself that the code is closed source. All that said, even if there are zero contributions, there are still multiple benefits to have the code open source. The real question is why should it not be open source.
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