Question on creating Firewall Rules: [using Azure...
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Question on creating Firewall Rules: [using AzureNextGen] So I am aiming to turn on 'System assigned managed identity' for an App Service (Web API). I added a firewall rule to allow as follows:
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       Output<List<FirewallRule>>? list = app.OutboundIpAddresses.Apply(
            ips => ips.Split(",").Select(
                ip => new FirewallRule($"{ip}", new FirewallRuleArgs
                    FirewallRuleName = SQLSVRFIREWALLRULENAME,
                    ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name,
                    ServerName = DBSERVERNAME,
                    StartIpAddress = "",
                    EndIpAddress = ""
It sort of works but i think it's adding in more rules than what I need due to the select statement. So my questions is: Am I going about this the right way? If so , how do I add a single Firewall Rule to implement System assigned MI?
Why do you need IP here? You can just create a single rule like you have now ( to regardless of IP addresses of the web app..