Some feedback on creating Azure Frontdoor: - Front...
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Some feedback on creating Azure Frontdoor: • Frontdoor location has to be
, you can't set any other region such as
in the examples • Unlike the examples, you can't reference the rules engine unless it already exists. Leave it empty and new up a separate one, using the name of the front door you're creating + make the RulesEngine
the Frontdoor Some requests: • Please get rid of all the circular referencing, this is very painful. I'm having to use convention-based names and I'd prefer to just use stack references. • I'd like the ability to new up the RuleEngine(s) when creating a front door, as it is technically a child resource • ^ Ditto for backends • Also inside
, why have a property that can only accept one value but make us set it? The comment on the
property reads "Expected value is '#Microsoft.Azure.FrontDoor.Models.FrontdoorForwardingConfiguration'.". Please either make it private or readonly.
Unfortunately, that’s how ARM API is designed. We map it more-or-less 1:1
(except the last point, which is ours. could you file an issue for that?)