What's the expected way to create a new revision f...
# azure
What's the expected way to create a new revision for an APIM API?
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const api = new azure.apimanagement.Api(`${prefix}-fn`, {
    resourceGroupName: resourceGroup.name,
    apiManagementName: apimService.name,
    revision: "1",
    displayName: "API",
    path: `${prefix}-fn`,
    protocols: ["https"],
    "import": {
        contentFormat: "swagger-link-json",
        contentValue: "<https://url/api/swagger.json>",
This is the original API. We now updated the swagger with an additional endpoint and want to create a new revision. Or do we want a new version? Changing the
value fails. Do we add a whole new API resource and increment the revision? So have the same as above again just with a new revision? I feel like that will fail as well.
ah, for "update" it seems I need to use the portal. Still not sure how I would create a revision via pulumi. So far all my tests failed. That said, a revision doesn't actually import the swagger again. So any changes to the swagger only seem to be imported via the portal.