Not sure if this is something worth mentioning <@U...
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Not sure if this is something worth mentioning @tall-librarian-49374 but it's a bit confusing on the outputs... A FunctionApp URL can't change unless you delete it and rebuild it. Yet... any change to the function app in pulumi, and pulumi seems to think that's a possibility. It's not a "problem" in the stack, but the preview isn't great as anything that depends on something from the functionapp will now show as being changed, which is confusing.... Is that worth a ticket in github?
Yes, it’s definitely worth a ticket. I know about this but I don’t think we track it yet. The problem is that it’s hard to “guess” which properties are stable and which are not, there’s no metadata for that. But maybe we can figure out some heuristics.
With the appservice, the only thing that can affect the Url is the deletion and recreation. So probably not auto-generated, but that one is a big one that should have an override somewhere.