I have an API that is hosted in a Pulumi.AzureNati...
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I have an API that is hosted in a Pulumi.AzureNative.Web.WebApp using the "WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE" environment variable to point to binary hosted in blob storage. When I "pulumi up", to update the API, the blob is updated but I must "manually" stop/start the WebApp in the Azure portal in order to see the changes to my service. What is the recommended approach using Pulumi to restart these services without manual intervention?
Does the file name change every time?
Here is the plan:
Which file are you referring to? I'm publishing .net code using
dotnet publish
that codes is then packaged in a zip and deployed to blob storage.
I think
needs to change so that Azure knows to reload it. I’m not sure whether that happens with this code, currently.
That doesn't do it. I added the current epoc date time to the end of the blob name and it was still necessary to restart the web app in the portal.
I get that using deployment slots is probably the best answer but still curious if this can work.
For all custom app-settings (custom app-settings = user-defined app-settings, like connection strings, other app-specific settings), and most system app-settings (system app-settings = app-settings defined by Azure App Service, which configure some features available to the site), an update of those app-settings only causes a “soft restart” – so the customer shouldn’t be seeing any downtime (assuming the site doesn’t have a very heavy initialization).
A “soft restart” involves an overlapped recycle of the site’s worker process, and for most sites, should avoid downtime altogether – requests being served by the new worker process might be a bit slow initially, depending upon how heavy the site initialization is.
Interesting, so if I'm reading that correctly it's stating that it does restart but it warms up the new instance before switching over. I'll have to let it sit for a while to see if that is the case.
Thank you
I waited several minutes (much longer than the warm-up period for the service) and it did not switch over. Do you have a link to the documentation you sited? Curious if there is something that must be setup for that to work or if there is a difference between the portal and API.