Wondering if this is a bug worth reporting or if i...
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Wondering if this is a bug worth reporting or if it's very particular to whatever I'm doing "wrong" 🙂 (pasting a screenshot rather than a text dump as it'll be easier to grok): All I'm trying to do is update a Tag on all resources (description: test2, changed from description: test1). The way I've set up the network is that I create the vnet first - then I create subnets + nsgs in paralell after that. It seems like for some godforsaken reason (though hopefully just a stupid error message rather than planned activity) it tries to DELETE an existing subnet in order to change its tags.. Anyone else encounter this?
my best guess is that this is because the declaration of the VNET itself does not contain the subnets inside of it - i.e. I create the -empty- vnet, and then I create N subnets once that has been created. If the tags change, it then attempts to re-apply the -empty- vnet with new tags.
Already have this in my code:
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ignoreChanges: ['subnets'] // re: <https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues/611>
the issue is any changes to the vNet resource itself, i.e. tags (or address space if we actually want to change anything).