Hey we noticed this morning our primary cluster wa...
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Hey we noticed this morning our primary cluster was trying to swap out the vnet (and failing because it has resources), because someone on the team npm installed azure-native 1.7 and the (default) azure-native provider that created the resource was at 1.5. I guess locking versions would work.. but every time we upgrade azure-native we're going to have to rebuild the cluster? Did the arm interface change? I Was a bit surprised at this behavior from a minor release
can you share the diff?
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[provider: urn:pulumi:prod-cluster::infra::pulumi:providers:azure-native::default_1_5_0::5472e0f4-f1bc-4d9f-8aa5-4818dd7b1307 => urn:pulumi:prod-cluster::infra::pulumi:providers:azure-native::default_1_7_0::3726aa65-bea9-4a3e-93ed-6c7fd82df168]
can you open an issue for this? that doesn't look right
will do
Did you run a refresh before you got this diff?
ill try that
same diff after refresh
regarding the version change
I don’t think it’s related to the version. You’ll get it on refresh without a version update.
We haven’t changed the API version of the virtual network resource since 1.0 https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/blame/master/sdk/dotnet/Network/VirtualNetwork.cs
regarding the subnet issue i believe https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-native/issues/611 is it
that happens whether we lock azure-native to 1.5 or not
{ ignoreChanges: ["subnets"] },
to the VirtualNetwork fixed it for us for now
so if we rebuild this cluster, what's the best practice to avoiding this bug for now? Use the classic provider for the vn and az native for the subnets?
the other workaround mentioned in that ticket,
{ ignoreChanges: ['subnets'] }
, just resulted in the preview not showing the subnet replacement, but the update itself trying to create one
I took it to the ticket