I'm sure I'm doing something dumb here, but any su...
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I'm sure I'm doing something dumb here, but any suggestions apprecited. Trying to migrate an AKS component resource to Azure Native, the following code sets permissions on the vNet to the ACI plugin identity, which is not known until the AKS cluster is created:
new Authorization.RoleAssignment($"{name}-aks-subnet-aci-role", new Authorization.RoleAssignmentArgs
RoleAssignmentName = new RandomUuid($"{name}-Network-Contributor-Aci-Uuid").Result,
Scope = args.ResourceGroupId,
PrincipalId = aks.AddonProfiles.Apply(profiles => profiles!["AciConnectorLinux"].Identity.ObjectId),
RoleDefinitionId = roleDefinitionId,
PrincipalType = Authorization.PrincipalType.ServicePrincipal
Pulumi preview is failing on this line:
PrincipalId = aks.AddonProfiles.Apply(profiles => profiles!["AciConnectorLinux"].Identity.ObjectId),
With this error:
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
`at Ict.AzureNative.Containers.IctAzureKubernetesCluster.<>c.<.ctor>b__32_7(ImmutableDictionary`2 profiles) in C\repos\ict azure native\src\ict azure native\Containers\IctAzureKubernetesCluster.csline 254` Given that this identity is not known until the cluster is created, it is expected to be empty in the initial preview, so why is it trying to work it out rather than waiting on AKS to create first?
Running this command manually after the AKS cluster is created all works, so it is definitely trying to resolve the non-existent ID at preview time
It seems that the issue is that
is not null at preview time, but it doesn't have any sub properties, including identity. If I do a check for identity being null then this works, however now when I try and re-run the code the preview shows it wants to delete the role assignment because it's not in the preview