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06/11/2021, 6:45 PM
I’d like to move from one ASE to another in Azure, but problem is you can’t update an app service to move from one ASE to another if it is in a different webspace is my understanding I just get errors. I’d like to delete the underlying app services from the current app service plan and have them created in the new one but when I run the code it triggers the app service to update instead of replace and fails when it tries to update to the new app service plan. Almost seems like I’d want a “deletebeforeupdate” rather than a “deletebeforereplace” but not sure what causes the difference between an update and a replace.
Current game plan is to change the logical name to trigger a delete and create the new app service.


06/11/2021, 7:58 PM
Your current game plan is what we recommend I think. A feature to solve this is tracked below, feel free to upvote/comment
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I assume you are on azure-native? If so, we rely on Azure’s annotations for replaces but they are very sparse. We can also add our own annotations on top if needed, so you can file an issue with specific resource and properties.


06/11/2021, 8:31 PM
still need to transition over to azure-native there’s a game plan for that in place as well. Thanks for the comment!