After using Pulumi.AzureNative.Resources.Deploymen...
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After using Pulumi.AzureNative.Resources.Deployment to deploy an ARM template, do I need to import the created resources so that Pulumi knows about them? Does Pulumi know about the objects it creates as part of an ARM template deployment? At the moment If I change the name of one of the objects being deployed (via the Parameters property in DeploymentPropertiesArgs), Pulumi creates a new version of the object but doesn't delete the original. Is this just one of the downsides of using a template to deploy rather than the native Pulumi commands?
Pulumi doesn’t know about them. The deployment works as any other ARM template would: if you do it in Incremental mode, it won’t delete old resources. In complete mode, it would delete all other resources in the same resource group (which is probably not what want).
OK thanks. The template deployment is only a small part of the bigger deployment. Most of the artefacts are deployed using normal Pulumi code. The template deployments are just for the bits that don't work the standard way. Everything is going in to the same resource group so I can't use "complete" mode