Hi folks. Did anyone else come across the typescri...
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Hi folks. Did anyone else come across the typescript
resource generating passwords that are incompatible with
? The latter apparently cannot accept characters like a backtick (`), which the former will apparently generate if you're lucky. I'm wondering whether this is a bug within the provider on on the azure end.
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I didn't create the password that way, I created it using the Random provider and then pass that in
As in passed that into the ServicePrincipalPassword provider? I saw that method being deprecated:
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* @deprecated In version 2.0 of the AzureAD provider, this attribute will become read-only as it will no longer be possible to specify a password value. It will be generated by Azure Active Directory and persisted to state for reuse in your Terraform configuration.
@limited-mouse-98047 did you ever track this down? I’m running into the same issue. I’m not sure what the alternative to the password is.
@rough-helicopter-14190 Last I checked the ServicePrincipalPassword provider was the only way to generate passwords. As of some time ago, I didn't come across any password errors, but that could be just luck and us spinning up fewer azure clusters atm. One trick that might work, as I think about it, is to wrap the generation of that password in a loop that checks for characters that will make ManagedCluster choke.