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08/04/2021, 11:29 AM
Hello everyone, hope that someone can help us. We are using Pulumi for all our Azure infrastructure but in the last couple of weeks we have had several of theese errors where it doesn’t help to export remove from pending operations and import again. How can we get this to work?
this is some of the debug output, I0804 133158.004040 43074 plugins.go:236] pulumi downloading from I0804 133158.004062 43074 plugins.go:243] full plugin download url: I0804 133158.004075 43074 plugins.go:253] plugin install request headers: map[User-Agent:[pulumi-cli/1 (; darwin)]] I0804 133158.784519 43074 plugins.go:260] plugin install response headers: map[Content-Type:[application/xml] Date:[Wed, 04 Aug 2021 113158 GMT] Server:[AmazonS3] Via:[1.1 (CloudFront)] X-Amz-Cf-Id:[H6Y4oQG5PlPdZSpL_6vkFRf59hI3wnS7INOrGriA37lR1ZnFziF5jA==] X-Amz-Cf-Pop:[CPH50-C2] X-Cache:[Error from cloudfront]] I0804 133158.784672 43074 plugins.go:154] ensurePluginsAreInstalled(): completed I0804 133158.784699 43074 update.go:241] newUpdateSource(): failed to install missing plugins: 403 HTTP error fetching plugin from I0804 133158.784754 43074 plugins.go:242] computeDefaultProviderPlugins(): considering dotnet I0804 133158.784784 43074 plugins.go:245] computeDefaultProviderPlugins(): skipping dotnet, not a resource provider I0804 133158.784795 43074 plugins.go:242] computeDefaultProviderPlugins(): considering azure-native-1.9.0 I0804 133158.784831 43074 plugins.go:273] computeDefaultProviderPlugins(): plugin azure-native-1.9.0 selected for package azure-native (first seen) I0804 133158.784852 43074 plugins.go:242] computeDefaultProviderPlugins(): considering azure-4.1.0 I0804 133158.784872 43074 plugins.go:273] computeDefaultProviderPlugins(): plugin azure-4.1.0 selected for package azure (first seen) I0804 133158.784887 43074 plugins.go:279] computeDefaultProviderPlugins(): summary of default plugins: I0804 133158.784899 43074 plugins.go:281] azure = 4.1.0 I0804 133158.784914 43074 plugins.go:281] azure-native = 1.9.0 pulumipulumiStack services-salesforce-staging 18 messages


08/04/2021, 1:27 PM
This usually happens when a resource fails to deploy, or times out, and Pulumi is not sure if it completed or not, what resources are you deploying?


08/04/2021, 1:37 PM
okay tried the troubleshooting and pulumi export | pulumi import and seems to have fixed our issue followed by af refresh and up. We were provisioning some keyvault policies and such with Pulumi.Azure since as far as we can identify this is not possible with Pulumi.AzureNative