Has anyone regenerated their cosmos DB passwords d...
# azure
Has anyone regenerated their cosmos DB passwords due to ChaosDB?
Due to the interconnected nature of pulumi's components, it makes it somewhat difficult as there's no supported way to inject new secrets if we override it in the console (or via cli)
My current thoughts are I'll just have to introduce a new secret and then use that if set as an override
Would love a better way
We have dont it and are using pulumi
But maybe our setup differes, we regnerated the keys and ran our pipelies where pulumi up is run, in our pulumi code we get the connectionstring from the cosmosdb account and uses that in our function app. So when the value have changed (pulumi getting the key) it was automatically updated
huh, that's great news, thank you, I'll have to try it later on
regenerated through the azure portal console and just ran our pulumi again
Indeed, I’d expect it to be 1. regenerate the keys manually (portal, CLI, etc) 2. pulumi refresh 3. pulumi up