I like the Azure Native provider, I think the bett...
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I like the Azure Native provider, I think the better coverage is great, and reflecting the ARM API directly is a good idea. However, where it does suffer is where the ARM API is either badly designed or missing a feature. In the Terraform provider the extra abstraction meant it was possible to build additional functionality to deal with this, where as the native provider doesn't have this. I appreciate that issues with the ARM api are not Pulumi's fault, but the lack of the extra layer does mean that we're having to resort to either using the old Azure provider, or call the REST api directly to work around these issues. Has there been any thought around being able to have the native api have additional features on top of the ARM API to smooth out some of these issues?
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Thank you for the thoughtful question, Sam. Definitely, we are aware of this problem and yes, there are thoughts and plans to improve it but we haven’t got the resources allocated to do this work yet. In principle, nothing prevents us from • Add APIs that aren’t supported by the standard ARM model (see a Blob or a StaticWebSite) • Model resources around POST endpoints • Amend ARM API representation in principled way so that all the features are still available but common scenarios are simpler • Extract sub-resources from resources that are too large, have chicken-and-egg problems, etc. • Create higher-level component library. If you have concrete suggestions, or a prioritized list of changes that would benefit you, I’d love to see it. We need to make sure they are all tracked and upvoted so that they are on our radar.