Hey :wave: I need to rotate the app password befor...
# azure
Hey 👋 I need to rotate the app password before it expires so, I’ve use the
input to trigger a rotation but it deletes the existing resource when it rotates causing any services using those credentials to fail. Is there a way to not remove the existing resource when the app password is being rotated or is there a better approach to this problem? This is the code that creates the app passwords
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const appPassword = new azad.ApplicationPassword(
                applicationObjectId: app.objectId,
                displayName: 'App',
                endDateRelative: '4380h', // 6 months
                // When the endTimestamp changes which is every 2 months,
                // it will trigger the resource to be recreated
                rotateWhenChanged: {
                    endTimestamp: futureEndTimestamp(2),