10/04/2021, 5:26 PM
Hi all, I am trying to create a rabbitMq bitnami chart that is needed later in some kubernetes deployments. Everything does deploy correctly, the only problem we are facing is, that the kubernetes deployments cannot access the rabbitmq on startup as it seems to be created but it's not live yet. According to the docu the helm chart does await the creation an checks the resources are available. But as said, the rabbitmq is not started on deployment. I tried to depend on the resources of the chart, but with no luck. I tried to just start the deployments when the chart is set to ready (chart.ready.apply()), but it did not lead to the wished result. I also tried to wait for a connection to be established before the kubernetes deployment, but even after 15 minutes no connection could be achieved via amqp. Does anybody have any ideas how to ensure the rabbitmq is up and running before deployment? Thanks