Hi, this was asked before but there was no conslus...
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Hi, this was asked before but there was no conslusion. I have a function app where the code seems to be deleted on every update from pulumi, even minor changes to the configuration. I'd expect an app restart, but instead the entire application code seems to disappear. Is this expected? The pulumi preview is like this, and is what I would expect:
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~  azure-native:web:WebApp foo-func update [diff: ~siteConfig]
~  azure-native:web:WebAppSlot foo-func update [diff: ~siteConfig]
It's worth mentioning that I'm currently pushing the code via another pipeline. I'd like to use WebAppSourceControl but it seems we need a bit more setup for that to work (and a documented example wouldn't hurt...)
huh, this doesn't sound ideal. Woukd you be able to open an issue for this in github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure-natve with a repro?
I think I figured out part of it... it turns out the functions were still there, but the WEBSITE_ENABLE_SYNC_UPDATE_SITE and WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE settings were getting removed. The functions stick around if I add those settings to the pulumi stack, but other app settings I need still disappear. This, I guess, is the real issue. I suppose makes sense because Pulumi believes it owns SiteConfig.AppSettings. However, is there any way to change this behaviour, i.e. stop it deleting settings pushed from elsewhere?