Hi, I'm trying to create an ExportConfiguration fo...
# azure
Hi, I'm trying to create an ExportConfiguration for our appInsights using pulumi, when I run the script I get a not found message back from Azure about the ExportConfiguration, any ideas ?. Snippet of code below -
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const storageAccountName = `storage${pulumi.getStack()}`;

const storage = new azure.storage.Account(
        resourceGroupName: resourceGroup.name,
        accountTier: "standard",
        accountReplicationType: "LRS",
        accountKind: "BlobStorage",
        deleteBeforeReplace: true,

const appInsightsContainer = new azure.storage.Container("appinsights", {
    storageAccountName: storage.name,
    containerAccessType: "private",

const exportConfiguration = new azure_native.insights.ExportConfiguration(`export-configuration`, {
    destinationAccountId: storage.id,
    destinationAddress: storage.primaryBlobEndpoint,
    destinationType: "Blob",
    isEnabled: "true",
    notificationQueueEnabled: "false",
    notificationQueueUri: "",
    recordTypes: "Requests, Event, Exceptions, Metrics, PageViews, PageViewPerformance, Rdd, PerformanceCounters, Availability,Messages",
    resourceGroupName: resourceGroup.name,
    resourceName: appInsights.name,