# azure


12/31/2021, 2:31 PM
Hi there hopefully somebody can help. I’m relatively new to Pulumi but understand some of the basics. I’m attempting to create the infrastructure in Azure to connect to from my home/office network. As a guide I am in general working through the following Microsoft Tutorial: I can do this manually using the Azure Portal UI. I realise I can probably do this in a more succinct way but have worked through component by component to aid my understanding. To date I have managed to add (using AzureNative): • A Resource Group • A Virtual Network • A GatewaySubnet • The LocalNetworkGateway • A Public IP address • A VirtualNetworkGateway All of the above appear to deploy and so far as I can see show up in the Azure Portal with the correct configuration. I now need to add the Connection to the VirtualNetworkGateway but it isn’t obvious to me what I should add? There appear to be a number of options (VpnConnection, VpnGateway, VpnSite) but it is not clear to me which I should be adding as they appear to have dependencies on each other and not the VirtualNetworkGateway! Any advice would be appreciated!
OK so guessing I might need a VirtualNetworkGatewayConnection!
Yes that worked - now connected to Azure