Hi all, I tried deploying an Azure RedHat OpenShif...
# azure
Hi all, I tried deploying an Azure RedHat OpenShift (aro) cluster using the example in the API-Docs. When deploying the cluster, I get an azure "internal error 500". Has someone a working example? Creating a cluster via az-cli is working w/o issues. Unfortunately, even verbose output is not showing a better error:
I0206 18:48:08.909918   11014 provider_plugin.go:796] Provider[azure-native, 0xc000523860].Create(urn:pulumi:dev::aro-test::azure-native:redhatopenshift:OpenShiftCluster::aro2) success: id=/subscriptions/<subscription>/resourceGroups/aro2-test/providers/Microsoft.RedHatOpenShift/openShiftClusters/aro2; #outs=14
I0206 18:48:08.909956   11014 eventsink.go:86] eventSink::Error(<{%reset%}>1 error occurred:
* Code="InternalServerError" Message="Internal server error."