06/07/2018, 2:50 AM
Hey y'all! Super excited about the possibilities with Pulumi and this concept of mixing and matching infrastructure code with application code. Just got done reading over some more examples and the docs. Couple of thoughts: 1. local testing would be really nice - perhaps hooking up to aws localstack for deploying locally, or providing some testing framework to be able to validate pulumi code off-line so that the dev cycle is sped up. 2. reliance on central pulumi service for storing stack state (and therefore being blocked in deployment if it goes down) would be a show-stopper for any of the clients I work for - saw some discussion in the other slack about this and glad to hear it's being discussed. My thought is I would love to see a config option for where I store my stack state - i.e. being able to specify an S3 bucket/dynamodb for locking the way terraform does it