This week's Pulumi live stream is at 11am PDT, Wed...
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This week's Pulumi live stream is at 11am PDT, Wednesday 20th June, where @white-balloon-205 will walk through an introduction to multi-cloud with Pulumi. Hope to see you there.

And if there are any particular topics folks here would like to hear more about during the live strream - let me know!
You should add an ICS file to the video’s comment…
@white-balloon-205 I would appreciate seeing more about using custom containers (similar to the nginx example from Donna).
@miniature-potato-84713 Do you have an example of what you'd like to see here that's better than the basic YT reminder? (I assume you're asking for ICS on the YT page, not the invite istelf.)
@chilly-crayon-57653, a simple ICS file that contains a single event for this video cast. Would be nice to download that ICS file and pop it into my calendar. I think the YT reminder requires a login, which I don’t have… ( )
I know what an ICS file is ... I'm looking for a good example on how YouTube broadcast puts it in the comments section ahead of time ... Make sense?
Makes sense, and I don’t really know how Youtube does/doesn’t handle file attachments for comments… 😐