<@UBAUH76JX> A state -&gt; checkpoint converter wo...
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@important-jackal-88836 A state -> checkpoint converter would be super useful, but I imagine (like with CF -> Terraform) writing the code to match the resources will be the harder part
I've started, and dropped, an HCL to Pulumi translator several times. The HCL parser is all proper Go modules so actually pretty easy to automate and, due to the simplicity of the HCL language itself, this is very very doable. I just never managed to finish 😕
Happy to collaborate to make this happen if you guys are interested. Still probably need to pair that with a statefile translator so you can "import" your existing resource state.
I'm guessing @microscopic-florist-22719 and @powerful-whale-8767 would be interested in this also.
Yeah, this is something I've thought above several times. Conceptually speaking this is pretty simple--as @big-piano-35669 mentions, TF's HCL support is nicely modularized--but the practicalities get a bit tricky.
(that said, it should be eminently doable)