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06/21/2018, 12:34 AM
Late to the party, sorry!
Is the intention for the analysers to be exposed via the same programming model?
Analyzers are gRPC plugins too, so yes, they can be written in any language and have access to the parts of graph available per Pat's comments. The current state is a little half-baked -- which is why we don't advertise or doc them -- but it's a preview of core capability we're going to go pretty hard on in the weeks to come. For instance, we have a query language prototype that will expand to give you GraphQL-ish capabilities to perform rich analysis against resource graphs/plans. I expect we'll have lots more to say about this over the next couple milestones, but for now, if you end up wanting to kick the tires on what's there, just let us know and we can point you at some defaults.
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