``` Diagnostics: global: global error: Error...
# general
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  global: global
    error: Error serializing '(ev, ctx, cb) => { let body; ...': api.js(234,106)

    '(ev, ctx, cb) => { let body; ...': api.js(234,106): captured
      variable 'route' which indirectly referenced
        '(req, res, next) => { lodash.map([1, ...': index.js(14,25): which captured
          module './node_modules\\lodash\\lodash.js' which indirectly referenced
            function 'lodash': lodash.js(1662,19): which could not be serialized because
              the function form was not understood.

    Function code:

    Capturing modules can sometimes cause problems.
    Consider using import('./node_modules\\lodash\\lodash.js') or require('./node_modules\\lodash\\lodash.js') inside '(req, res, next) => { lodash.map([1, ...': index.js(14,25)

    error: an unhandled error occurred: Program exited with non-zero exit code: 1