So on the roadmap OpenStack support was pretty low...
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So on the roadmap OpenStack support was pretty low down, but is there any appetite for a PR for it?
Adding support for OpenStack would be great! Likely the quickest way to bring this up would be to use the Terraform Bridge to allow using the existing Terraform OpenStack provider from Pulumi. Some notes on that approach here: It will likely make sense to bring that up in it's own repo, similar to or If you have any questions about bootstrapping this, feel free to reach out here (potentially in the #contribute channel), or in GitHub issues.
I'll head over to #contribute and raise it there. I think I've got something working (first class engineering you guys did that I could get first pass for support up in a day given I've never even used Go before!)
🎉 This is absolutely terrific, thank you Fraser. I've already had several people ask me about OpenStack, it's great we will soon have an answer!