hi! loving pulumi so far, really coo tool! if i’m ...
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hi! loving pulumi so far, really coo tool! if i’m using Go, can i run pulumi completely contained within my app? so the binary i create for my app can be self deploying?
This would be extremely compelling for SAAS “private” installers
yea, i have an application framework for Go and Amazon services; primarily Lambda and API Gateway. but its not geared for infrastructure management. not really what i want to focus on. so pulumi may work nicely
either maybe just a pulumi package. or if i can just use pulumi inside the code then i can maybe get the thing to self deploy, potentially self update too
license verification, etc. thats my ultimate goal anyway
of course the go binary can be packed with all sorts of assets. so you can deploy the frontend spa on cloudfront too
While it's possible to embed the engine, we don't really have first-class support for doing so. The
package, for example, assumes that it can write directly to
, and doesn't really give the embedder any affordances to redirect that output.
That said, this was certainly the intent, that the Go engine will evolve over time to support embedding like this. (Given that all the APIs are public -- including ways to hook and redirect output streams -- I strongly suspect someone sufficiently motivated could make this work.) I saw @white-balloon-205 filed an uber issue to track various Go runtime issues, @microscopic-florist-22719 should we track this there ("hostability")? Or is it large enough that it warrants a new issue?
I think this warrants its own issue.
Great, would you mind filing, and capturing the challenges that occur to you top-of-mind? Probably worth linking to Luke's issue as we look at Go all-up in the weeks to come.
cc @creamy-potato-29402 since I believe this is what the guys we spoke to a few weeks back wanted to do also.