07/16/2018, 4:25 AM
I’ve just published my first package of Pulumi code ported over from some of the Terraform examples I’ve published in the past. This one is a VPC component. There is some overlap with
, but this has a few differences: - private/public address space is assigned in an assymetric fashion (as per “Practical VPC Design”), and subnets are automatically sized based on the available address space and number of AZs - a
option can be used for subnet distribution across all AZs in a region. No slack space is left since a second CIDR block can now be added. - VPC endpoints for S3 and DynamoDB can optionally be created - Flow logging can optionally be enabled - Tags can be applied to every resource - A private hosted zone can optionally be created and assigned via a DHCP Options Set It’s available here: (the org name is taken from our blog,, and on GitHub at: Any feedback is much appreciated!
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