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09/10/2018, 5:29 AM
Can you give that a shot instead and see what the result is? If it fails I’ll help you debug it. 🙂


09/10/2018, 6:27 AM
Hi @creamy-potato-29402 I used pulumi-docker from that branch and using the logs I found the problem was that the imageName needed to be prefixed with
(wasn’t really clear from the examples in the MR which used didn’t have the imageName prefixed with the registry url . So the good news is that that creating the image works with the new API. However I have now another problem: The
step is super slow, even if all the layers are cached. If I just do a plain
docker push
it takes about
but in pulumi the docker push step takes more than 30 seconds. The log output from the docker push step is also quite large which may indicate that it’s doing some unnecessary work.. For reference here’s my CLI output via docker directly:
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~/d/prediction-container-manager ❯❯❯ time docker push <|>                                                                ✘ 1 master ✭ ◼
The push refers to repository [<|>]
12b575d610fa: Layer already exists
ba9293d1c1e8: Layer already exists
1a1e93a88277: Layer already exists
cc957e143b78: Layer already exists
3feede453b50: Layer already exists
e492023cc4f9: Layer already exists
cbda574aa37a: Layer already exists
8451f9fe0016: Layer already exists
858cd8541f7e: Layer already exists
a42d312a03bb: Layer already exists
dd1eb1fd7e08: Layer already exists
latest: digest: sha256:4df318d4b569cf753cb7a3fb25c0ef6db63ae17aa58d1178a6a5c53acab1f587 size: 2635
docker push <|>  0.37s user 0.16s system 16% cpu 3.223 total
@creamy-potato-29402 I posted the log output from pulumi as snippet the general slack channel.
fyi I also got it to work with the old API now - it has the same slowness though.