okay, so looked a bit at the configmap example and...
# general
okay, so looked a bit at the configmap example and there’s something i don’t understand from the README description in the folder https://github.com/pulumi/examples/blob/master/kubernetes-ts-configmap-rollout/index.ts the “update config with new name” and update dependent deployments — where exactly is this behavior encoded? is this a general thing with any object referring to a configmap? is this prevalent with other object dependency relationships elsewhere?
after finding https://pulumi.io/reference/programming-model.html#programming-model i think i get it some of it, regarding how the configmap name is referenced — but still missing the part about create new + replace old
@salmon-pizza-65823 so, there are a subset of fields in
that, when changed, trigger us to replace-then-delete
These aren’t written down in the docs anywhere, but we probably shoult.
Basically the semantics are: if you change anything in the
field, we will create a new configmap with the updated data, update all objects referencing it, and then delete the old one, after success.
@salmon-pizza-65823 I’ll file a bug to write docs about this.
thanks! :-)