I'm aaaalmost there with getting Travis CI managin...
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I'm aaaalmost there with getting Travis CI managing all infra. I got this:
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kubernetes:apps:Deployment kube-system/kubernetes-dashboard updating 1 error. error: Plan apply failed: unable to fetch resource description for apps/v1beta2: Unauthorized
Is this a problem speaking to the k8s cluster? I'm using kubeconfig that comes out of the eks resource that is launched right above.
@wooden-toddler-96888 this is quite strange….
it seems odd that you’d want to update the kube-dashboard. But also what are you running? GKE?
It worked though. I hadn't used a provider. 🙂 I'm on EKS.
But now it;s so cool - I launched VPC + EKS + Deployment + Service + LB and just about getting Route53. All in 50 lines!