heyho folks. I have some feedback on the project a...
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heyho folks. I have some feedback on the project and stack naming. Currently as I understand it a stack is always more or less an “instance” / “deployment” of a project. Or in other words, each stack belongs to exactly 1 project. I think it is safe to assume that most organizations will have more than 1 project. However for some reason the pulumi cloud app requires each stack name to be unique across the entire organization, not just within the project. In practice that means if I want to use common stack names like:
I always have to prefix or suffix the stack name with the name of the project in which it is contained, which seems pretty redundant and actually leads to really long stack names for no apparent reason. I think it would be better if stack names are only required to be unique within a project. To depict this via an example: Ideally It’d like to have names like this: project: my-fancy-project - stack: staging - stack: prod However because of the limitations above I have to use names like this: project: my-fancy-project - stack: my-fancy-project-staging - stack: my-fancy-project-prod The pulumi CLI also shows in the preview an odd and quite long looking name like this: TYPE NAME pulumipulumiStack my-fancy-project-my-fancy-project-staging A really concrete problem with the long stack names is that the
column of the pulumipulumiStack resource in the
pulumi preview
uses up so much space that on a notebook there’s barely any space left for the
column and I’m often not able to decypher what a particular error message in the Info column actually says.