<@UCPSHLVC4> that’s a pretty interesting scenario…...
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@glamorous-printer-66548 that’s a pretty interesting scenario… would you mind opening a bug ?
I can open a bug if you think right off the bat that this makes sense. However after giving it a second thought I’m myself not quite 100% sure yet if this feature is really necessary - it just came to my mind when passing down some common props like gcp_project_id and namespace to my custom components and I remembered that react and terragrunt has some features like that. Personally I’d rather hold off creating an issue until I’m more certain if and how I would need this feature 🙂. lmkwyt
it’s certainly not my highest priority and I know you guys have a lot of other more important stuff to work on, so I thought about holding off on this for now.
@glamorous-printer-66548 ok, that’s fine too. I’m wasn’t yet sure what my opinion was….