<@UCZ0LS7NZ> Looking at these two issues you are s...
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@full-dress-10026 Looking at these two issues you are seeing now - sounds like you may be hitting a bug in the library - will report back once I have more details.
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@full-dress-10026 We root caused the issue, and it turns out to be a very subtle bug a few layers beneath this library. We've opened https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/1972 to track. This should be exceedingly hard to trigger - but a variety of factors in the specific case of the code you had lead to this. In terms of getting unblocked, the simplest thing would be to comment out the service with the old name - deploy to destroy it, then uncomment with the new name to create the new one. Of course, you should not need to do that, and won't once we've addressed the bug above.
Ok thank you.