Hello! I am learning Pulumi and I am trying to fin...
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Hello! I am learning Pulumi and I am trying to find if it’s possible to share some data between stacks. Is it possible? And to avoid XY problem, I would like to have one stack that defines resources like GCP Project and Google Kubernetes Engine cluster in that project and another stack that would deploy some K8S resources to that GKE cluster (but would also need some more GCP resources like static IP addresses and DNS records). I have a single cluster where I would like to have multiple teams deploying their apps to GKE. Is there a guide how stacks should be structured/designed for bigger deployments/projects?
we have a very similar setup to what you’re asking @gifted-island-55702 . I can back to you a bit later describing how we solved this (currently busy with sth else)
@glamorous-printer-66548 I'd like to see this too 😀
+1 on that. I'd love to learn this too.
Thank you @glamorous-printer-66548 for all the info you have shared!
same - thanks for sharing!!