im building 30 containers at once and its like a f...
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im building 30 containers at once and its like a firehose
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yeah, we’re looking at this for the upcoming release
…. no wait I lied.
@white-balloon-205 @big-piano-35669 what is our plan here, btw?
We could use the ephemeral logging subsystem, but then we have no way of showing users context when we error out.
Totally reasonable request, I have to admit the sudden firehose of spew at the end is jarring for me also. Works fine for a single small container, not so much for long builds and I can imagine 30 builds is just insane. We could always have an option on `docker.Image`that only shows it in the "Info" column, but not the Diagnostics at the end, using the ephemeral logging feature. Something like
or somesuch, so that we only show the errors if the build fails. cc @lemon-spoon-91807 for his thoughts on this
It's unclear to me why we'd ever really want this stuff printed at the end (absent some command line arg). The info at the end should really only be there for problems. That it shows or normal stuff doesn't make much sense to me. If you need the info, going to he web UI seems like a suitable appraoch to get all the logs
note: if you don't use the web UI, it feels like we should also then emit a local log file that you can examine if you did care about totally normal (i.e. non error) spew.
Works fine for a single small container
i'm not sure it's even great for that. even a small container is a couple dozen lines. i know it's not something i generally care about 🙂
it was sorta nice the first time, in a "oh... that's what it did" sense. but after that, i've derived no value from it myself.
This seems reasonable, we could always flip the polarity of my suggestion, just in case someone wants it for some reason (e.g.,
or something). But I agree it's probably a nicer experience to suppress by default and only show the output on failure.
I'm curious what @busy-umbrella-36067 thinks about this idea.
I agree with suppress by default
Maybe show it if you crank up verbosity?
works for me. i'll file an issue on this
I should be able to do that pretty simply in our next milestone
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the docker logging firehose is also a big issue for me. somewhat related to that I opened this issue some time ago: . Somewhat related to that I’m currently also getting hundreds of “WARNING! Your password will be stored unencrypted in /root/.docker/config.json.” when building with docker 18.06.1. (17.x didn’t have this warning), but should at least mitigate this warning for me.
Altogether I agree with the approach: Supress by default and only show the details if something errored out.