missing something here.. I'm creating a resource i...
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missing something here.. I'm creating a resource in Azure, and I want the principal ID of that item, it's an output.. but it's giving me back a function. I realize that's because its' from a promise of some type, but how do i get the value as an output? it says I can't use
during an update.. is this where I'd use
so it's only available as an output, and not say for console log?
im creating a bunch of Identities, but I need the output of the identity.principalId, I was trying to create an object of all the identities to export out
Yes - this is where you use
. To log it out, you can do
. To transform the value to use in some other way, do
.apply(id => “hello: “ + id)
this is the base idea im going for:
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for role in roles:
  for region in regions:
     let uai = new azure.msi.UserAssignedIdentity()
     output[`${role}:${region}`] = uai.principalId

export let output_mapping = output;
That should work fine as is. What do you see when you do
Pulumi stack output
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- uai:[object Object]:resources   : [
                  -     [0]: "st:inf3bootstrapwus:bootstrap"
                  -     [1]: "kv:inf3bootstrapwus"
thats the preview output, let me try
pulumi stack output
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"weu":{"uai:[object Object]:resources":["st
Not sure I quite follow how that’s related to the code snippet above - do you have the complete (or a small repro) code that is hitting this?
sure, running couple tests now that i know it should work
i was trying to use the principal id as an interpolated string template var
that seems to be the issue
this worked, where uai.principal gets assigned as the value pushed to an array
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Utils._add_to_output(output_list, role, env_id, region, `kv:${vault_name_parsed}`, uai.principalId)
but this didnt
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Utils._add_to_output(output_list, role, env_id, region, `uai:${String(uai.principalId)}:resources`, `st:${storage_account_name_parsed}:${container.name}`)
where I was trying to use the output in a string interpolation
here's the diff on the output after running it both ways
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- st:inf3bootstrapwus:bootstrap: [
-     [0]: "81f5de7e-9f4a-404b-bfd4-c4e478e975c8"
+ uai:[object Object]:resources: [
+     [0]: "st:inf3bootstrapwus:bootstrap"
it's a 1-1 relationship though, so i think i'm OK either way
i realize this is probably an odd situation, but this UAI + Azure thing has been a nightmare lol
thank you @white-balloon-205
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