Hey there, when trying to create CloudWatch metric...
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Hey there, when trying to create CloudWatch metric alarms I get this errors with no useful message attached:
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aws:cloudwatch:MetricAlarm: test-cache-redis-EngineCPUUtilization
    error: Plan apply failed: Creating metric alarm failed: ValidationError:
        status code: 400, request id: ...
Does anyone with more experience in Pulumi and/or Terraform knows how may I proceed? AWS docs list an infinity of possibilities for 400, but the lack of message doesn’t help to pin down what is going on
That's bizarre, I wonder if we're somehow not printing the entire error message. If you run with extra logging enabled, does it reveal anything more useful?
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$ pulumi --logtostderr -v=9 up
Thanks Joe, this is a nice trick to remember! Though it didn’t help much because it seems it is AWS’s API lousy error messages. According to their documentation a
is because some of my inputs fails to satisfy the consttraints specified by AWS; but it doesn’t say which ones.
Ahh, bummer 😕
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