any way of using the nice `cloud.Service` abstract...
# general
any way of using the nice
abstraction without spinning up a load balancer and making the service public?
cc @white-balloon-205
If you set
external: false
(which is the default) then I believe only an internal load balancer will be allocated - so the service will not be exposed publicly. We plan to move over to DNS service discovery for these not-exposed services. See
reading the code I see setting
cloud-aws:usePrivateNetwork: "true"
makes a difference but seems to still create a load balancer, in the instance of fargate, it is possible to set load balancer to none
@white-balloon-205 if you look at your example
is not set but you can access the service via the exported
I think you mean
on the
as said setting
cloud-aws:usePrivateNetwork: "true"
seems to have a better result but I think its a good idea to be able to disable the load balancer and also probably some kind of control of the Service Discovery/DNS
100% agreed on moving over to DNS service discovery - very much want to do that soon. (It wasn't available when we initially built this, which is the only reason we went with the internal load balancer approach in the first place).
ha ok understood, if you look at the options in the Console there are a few options for LB and DNS so it would be good if we could have a few more parameters and a little less ‘magic’ cloud.Service would rock even more
@white-balloon-205 I was going to fork this and submit a PR however after spending most of the day unpicking cloud.Service I now have grey hair and conclude that its spaghetti and needs major improvement
specifically the calls into the
lib for
and the references to external config makes it very difficult to inject into if you want to do something ‘slightly’ custom