seeing this issue come up pulumi keeps attempting...
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seeing this issue come up pulumi keeps attempting to recreate a service that can’t init (wrong labels in the selector). after fixing the label selector and preparing to update,
pulumi refresh
fails to complete:
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  kubernetes:core:Service: XXXXXXXXX
    error: Preview failed: 2 errors occurred:

    * Resource 'XXXXXXXXX' was created but failed to initialize
    * Service does not target any Pods. Application Pods may failed to become alive, or field '.spec.selector' may not match labels on any Pods

error: an error occurred while advancing the preview
the failed resource is never added to state, and the new resource with the fixed label can’t be created because there is a name collision with the “tainted” resource
Hmm... It seems to me the refresh should fail?
If the resource is in a bad state the refresh should not succeed. The update should work by itself though
the problem is that the updates attempt to create the service
the preview shows
for all of the previously failed services, and results in
** creating failed**
That doesn't sound right I'll take a look when I get in