<@UB3BGTV63> or someone from Pulumi - can you talk...
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@white-balloon-205 or someone from Pulumi - can you talk about GitHub Actions? Looks really interesting. Can I build a CI/CD pipeline using pulumi & GH?
There’s a nice blog post from @big-piano-35669 on Pulumi + GitHub Actions at https://blog.pulumi.com/continuous-delivery-to-any-cloud-using-github-actions-and-pulumi. There are links to videos and other documentation near the end of that post. GitHub Actions itself is still in private preview, but you can sign up for the preview now. We are very excited to see it become publicly available soon - it makes integrating Pulumi into GitHub projects super simple.
I signed up for the preview as soon as I saw it!
I'm building a greenfield project using Pulumi right now and the next thing I need to create is a CI/CD pipeline. I'm really tired of Jenkins and hoping GitHub Actions could be a better alternative
Or at least, something that Jenkins still orchestrates but al the logic is moved out of it
We support lots of options here. See https://pulumi.io/reference/cd.html, for example. Travis is pretty easy to get going. GitHub Actions is pretty amazing but my impression is that it's going to be in Private Beta for at least until the end of the year (not sure on this, of course -- just reading between the lines).
Do you guys have any pull to get your clients into the beta? That might be amazing 🙂